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“Walter Green’s reflections on life are penetrating and revealing. He always makes one pause to think about the essence of life and how to make the world better. While his statements are profound, his questions are more so; he causes one to focus and take action.”

Paul Robshaw, past chairman of World Presidents’ Organization and current chairman of L3 Organization (Leadership, Legacy, Life)

Author Walter Green
Author Walter Green

Walter’s father died when he was a teenager and it left an indelible impression on him that life is short, precious, and unpredictable. Relationships throughout his life have been a central theme to his core. He has spent many years facilitating executive groups where the full range of key life issues was the focus. His readings also had him challenge the wisdom of why one waits until either their health is compromised to reach out to important relationships or worse yet, delivers a eulogy to express their regard and gratitude to those that have mattered.

Walter decided this IS the moment, for it was never too early and not too late to express his profound appreciation for those who had impacted his life. That is when Walter began his year-long journey of seeking out those people who made a significant impact. It was the moment to share his gratitude with them.

Walter Green was Chairman of the Board and CEO of Harrison Conference Services for 25 years, during which time it grew into the leading conference center management company in the U.S. He has lectured at the Wharton Graduate School of Business and Hofstra and Long Island universities, as well as being featured as an expert on the topic of effective meetings in numerous national publications. Associated for years with the Young Presidents’ Organization and the World Presidents’ Organization, he’s presently a member of the Chief Executives Organization and the L3 Organization (Leadership, Legacy, Life). Since selling his company, he has mentored young adults and is actively involved in several nonprofit organizations. He lives with his wife, Lola, in San Diego, California.

A Recommendation from Walter…

I just read Ken Blanchard’s latest book, Lead with LUV, which he co-authored with Colleen Barrett, who was with Southwest Airlines for some 30 plus years, the last eight as President.  Once again, Ken, puts the essence of leadership in bite-sized portions making the complex very easy to digest.   Colleen articulates and illustrates how she and her colleagues have integrated these concepts into the innovative and highly successful Southwest Airlines organization.  They give the reader has” the best table in the house” to listen to this remarkable conversation between two amazing business thinkers and leaders.  And for dessert they offer you the questions you need to ask yourself to bring these approaches to your own organization.

In the interests of full disclosure, I have known Ken for more than three decades and have long been impressed by his conceptual and communicative skills.  He also wrote the Forward to my book, This Is the Moment. Having said that, if you haven’t had the pleasure of buying one of the 18 million books that Ken has sold over the years, buy this one.  If you have read some of his others, you know what to expect and this book will exceed those expectations.