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And the Ripples of Gratitude Keep Flowing

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Since the publication of my book, This Is The Moment, it has been more than exciting to hear and see the multitude of ways people have chosen to express explicit gratitude to those who have been important in their lives.

Before I share two stories, I want to emphasize that it matters not how you choose to express your gratitude. What does matter is that you do it … whether as a personal meeting, a letter, a poem, or even a phone call.  Clearly the recipient will appreciate it.   What is not as obvious is that you will not only feel better for having done so but will never have any regrets in the future for not having done it.

With that preamble, here are a couple of “gratitude ripples” that were recently brought to my attention.   First,  three years ago I was the keynote speaker at the Council on Alcoholism  and Drug Abuse (CADA)’s luncheon celebrating their highly successful Fighting Back Mentor Program in Santa Barbara, CA.   Since I was speaking on the message of gratitude, it was decided by the organizers that the participating supporters would be asked to fill their tables with people who have provided guidance, friendship, support and advice along their life’s journey.  During the luncheon they had the opportunity to give an explicit thank you to all those at their table who had made a real difference in their lives.  I just received a note from the person who organized the original luncheon saying that it was so successful that they have repeated the theme every year since and just held their 4th Annual Gratitude Luncheon.  This one idea has already influenced a multitude of people.

The second example of how the message is being expressed was offered by American Greetings, the largest greeting card company in the world.  After engaging two research companies who confirmed the value and the hesitancy of expressing gratitude, they developed what they are calling the ThankList, differentiating it from a Bucket List.  They not only developed an offering of cards to facilitate the expressions of gratitude, they produced five short films created by two-time Oscar winner, Barbara Kopple, each of them approximately five minutes long, which were amazing and I encourage you to watch them.  Here is the link to view these well-done videos………American Greetings ThankList videos. (Click on Watch button on the left, after the Intro.)

Hopefully these ideas will stimulate not only your thinking about who might be on your list of people to express gratitude for their influence on your life, but more importantly, it will motivate you to take action.  I am confident after you do one, you will do more.

With gratitude,
Walter Green