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Titans Head Coach – Not too Tough to Express Gratitude

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate this gesture.  Former Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans, Jeff Fisher took out a full page ad to thank Nashville and his staff for their support and the memories they made together during the past 17 years.

Fisher has a bright future ahead of him and his ability to express this extraordinary public gesture of gratitude speaks a lot for the man.  Our society would normally expect such personal and heartfelt expressions to come from women, not men and for sure not a football guy.  He shows true class with an open heart.

Here’s some both startling and encouraging news. When I spent a year of my life traveling about the United States and even abroad to visit the 44 people who had made an important difference in my life so I could express my deep gratitude – 80% of them were men.

During these extended conversations, not one of these men was uncomfortable receiving my heartfelt expressions of appreciation for their contributions to my life.  Just the opposite – they were touched and honored by this gift of gratitude.

Do you have men in your life (spouse, colleague, family member, etc.) who express gratitude beyond the common “thank you”?   If so it would be great to acknowledge them, to appreciate them and to encourage them to continue setting a great example for all the generations of men (and women)   In the meantime, I “tip my hat” to Jeff Fisher for his performance both on and off the field.

To see a snapshot and more on Jeff Fisher’s full-page ad, click here

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