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The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

In anticipation of Father’s Day it is my sincere hope to help you enhance your relationships with your father, grandfather, mentor or any father figure in your lives. This act will also eliminate any regrets for things left unsaid and give you a great gift idea for Father’s Day—the gift of a sincere “thank you” and the knowledge of how these men helped change the course of your life.

When I took my yearlong journey to thank the people who made a significant impact on me it enriched my life! Specifically, it made me much more conscious of my good fortune in having each person in my life—and, moreover, thankful for what they did for me.

That’s why on Father’s Day, explicitly expressing gratitude will enhance your relationship with the person you are thanking. It not only increases their awareness of your gratitude, but it makes you think and express the ways in which the person affected your life. Everyone loves to know that they have made a real difference in someone’s life, especially on Father’s Day!

There is nothing more special than a personal gift and nothing more personal than an expression of gratitude for the many acts of love and support that one has received from one’s Father. It’s also an easy gift—you don’t have to concern yourself with what they need or want, or if it fits or runs on batteries.

How to give this gift of gratitude on Father’s Day

The easiest and most genuine thing sons or daughters can do is to set aside time during the day to express gratitude to their Father—and schedule it so that neither of you will be interrupted. The location should be quiet and devoid of distractions. It is important to take some time beforehand to jot down notes on specific instances where your father made a difference in your life: times when he served as an example, taught you a lesson, and when he gave you love, inspiration or support. It is also important to take notes about how these moments changed you, your outlook on the world, or simply made you feel loved. I brought notes with me to all my visits and found it very helpful in setting the pace for the meeting.

If you cannot be with your father in person, a letter, perhaps accompanied by a photograph of a shared time together (stating much the same things described above), would work just fine.

For those who are not the best at expressing themselves in letters, I’ve heard testimonies from people who have inscribed the title page of This Is the Moment with a short note of gratitude within it. By reading the book, along with the note, a father will understand the significance without needing to have it expressed literally.

The gift you give to yourself

It is my hope to inspire you to not miss this opportunity to express explicit gratitude to your Father, or father figures on this day. It will enrich your life and theirs, enhance the relationships, and give you peace of mind knowing nothing is left unsaid.

Everyone wants validation, needs it, and it’s always a good fit. It is especially helpful in these tough economic times that it is not only a wonderful gift, but it is one that everyone can afford! The last third of my book, This Is the Moment is all about making it easy. You can also get a free guide to help you with your expression of gratitude by accessing the Ignite Your Spark downloadable pdf at the bottom of the pages of this website.

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