Angel of Gratitude Reaches Out

With Marsha’s permission, I am excited to share a message she sent me.  Marsha had recently received a newsletter from Hay House Publishing about new releases which included an excerpt from This is the Moment and it’s message was aligned with her pursuit of spending 42 days in gratitude.

Just over a year ago my husband was out of work and had been for a while. I could barely walk with the bone on bone pain from arthritis in my hip and was only weeks away from being in a wheelchair. The pain kept me awake at night even though I was taking a lot of prescribed pain medication, sleeping pills and antidepressants. With no medical insurance and no income, I was on a downward spiral into my dark night of my soul with no end in sight.

Somehow, someway, the Angels were watching over me. I was accepted by Project Access, and my Angel, Dr. Richard W. Garner. Everything was donated to me, the doctor, the hospital, nursing, everything. My medications were $5 or less. I am truly blessed and will be forever grateful. Many people have made a significant impact on my life but nothing more dramatically than this. I still have some issues and I will never be young again, but I thank God every day I can get out of bed and walk!

Sharing my emotions freely, loving passionately from the heart, and always with gratitude. I am Marsha!

(To read Marsha’s entire blog entry about this remarkable experience, visit Day 27 – Angel of Gratitude. )

I was so appreciative of Marsha’s willingness to reach out and share her story.  My response follows…

Dear Marsha,

Thanks so much for sharing your remarkable story of how you were so blessed by an apparently an unknown organization and Doctor which makes it even more astonishing.

The best news is of course that you have had this dramatic turnaround and that you have recovered the most important aspect of one’s life…their health.

Your daily expressions of thanks to God for this blessing are quite understandable.

I was wondering how you chose to thank the organization, the doctor and the other people involved in this “life-saving” mission?  I am reminded of a dear friend of mine who had a life saving operation some ten years ago.  Every year on the anniversary of the operation, he writes a heartfelt email to his doctor.

Now that you can function again without the terrible pain, would there be others that you would choose to thank for what they have meant to you in your life?  What I discovered when I revisited and expressed my gratitude to those that had been important to me was that I was the real beneficiary.  Of course the recipient appreciated the expression of gratitude as well.

Thank you, Marsha, for sharing your story with me.

With gratitude,
Walter Green

Please share your stories of gratitude – I would love to hear from you!

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