How One Woman Is Impacting Many with Expressions of Gratitude

I wanted to share with you an encouraging and uplifting report.  I met Brenda at a recent event and her initiative and creativity in helping others capture the power of expressing extraordinary gratitude is heartwarming.  The thoughtfulness of what she has done and the diversity of her audiences is nothing short of amazing.

She is not only “igniting sparks” she is fanning the flames of a potential “wildfire of gratitude.”  With her permission I share her story with you.

I wanted to share my experience with spreading the message of This Is the Moment and hopefully “ignite sparks” in others.  I work as a spiritual consultant at a K-8 school. I am also a counselor for women and children living in a domestic violence shelter, and I volunteer my time teaching youth at my church.

I delivered the message of the importance of expressing gratitude to the 8th grade students yesterday, with the principal present, and she is going to have the students write a letter to a person who has influenced their life and give an oral presentation as their semester exam, based on my presentation of your book. Children find writing their emotions far less daunting than verbalizing their feelings. Understandably; however, if we can encourage children in looking for the positive influence of others, sharing it in a way they are comfortable, I believe they will find it easier to verbalize their feelings as they get older.  The principal shared that she wants to order This is the Moment for each 8th grader student. Just think of the impact!

I also gave the presentation to our youth group at church (young women ages 12-18). I had each of the girl’s teachers write a letter expressing their gratitude toward the girls, and I then gave the girls the assignment of paying it forward by using the gift bag I delivered their letter in to write a letter to someone who has influenced their lives. They will report back in a few weeks and share their experience.

Lastly, I presented to a few women who are victims of domestic violence. I was sensitive to their situation, with the understanding that they may possibly find it difficult at this time of the year to look for positive influences in their lives; however, they loved the message and reported that they were up to the task of sharing their feelings with others who have influenced them. I’ve learned that gratitude has no boundaries.

I believe the antidote to depression, loneliness, and other challenges, is looking for the positive influences in your life, reaching out, softening and opening your heart by expressing gratitude”.


It only takes one person to share profound expressions of gratitude that builds momentum and changes lives.  Do you have a story of how expressing gratitude has changed your life and your relationships?  I would love to share it with our gratitude community.  Please submit it here

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