Capturing the Intent of Expressing Profound Gratitude on

Being a first time author and life-time student, I am always appreciative of the degree to which people are willing to acknowledge new insights and create new habits.

I recently read a review of This is the Moment on and I wanted to publicly recognize and thank “Susan” for her newly found commitment to begin her personal journey of gratitude.

Here is “Susan’s” entry:

From the moment I noticed this book I was enamored with the title, the premise, the incredible journey the author, Walter Green traveled. I saw myself asking the same questions Mr. Green asked of himself as he contemplated the blessings in his life. As I read the poignant stories of the 44 people in Walter’s life I knew that I have so much gratitude within me that I, too, must begin to express. And thus my personal journey is underway as a result of reading THIS IS THE MOMENT. Not another moment in my life is passing without my specific expression of thanks and gratitude for what and how those in my life have contributed to the woman that I am today – albeit far from free of “challenges” – there are those who have graced my life with support, encouragement, friendship, expertise, wisdom, humor.

This is a must have book for everyone so when we are at the end of our life, we truly have no regrets for words we might have said because we HAVE said it all to everyone in our life who mattered.

It is very satisfying to read that This Is the Moment is “working.”  It is igniting the reader to reach out to those who have made a difference so that you can experience the joy of giving the gift of extraordinary gratitude and at the same time, avoid the all-too-often regrets from leaving things unsaid.

Like Susan, my life experienced lots of challenges.  As a matter of fact, not one of the 44 people on my journey was free from these difficult moments.  One of the profound insights from my yearlong journey of gratitude was that all of these relationships were solidified by surviving these life challenges together.  Of course, we had lots of joyful and happy times but the depth of the relationship was solidified by being there to support each other when times got tough.

As Susan said, it is the support, encouragement, friendship, expertise, wisdom, and humor from those who touched our lives along the way that have made all the difference.  This is the moment to let these people know the impact they have had on us. It is a gift that only we can have the pleasure of giving.

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