A Thanksgiving Reminder

I recently read a blog about the recent, unexpected passing of the author’s father. Patrick Evers, a former colleague of my adult son wrote the article.  I thought it was a thoughtful, touching and inspiring piece that beautifully illustrates both the peace of mind as well as the absence of regrets that are possible even when one’s loved one dies unexpectedly.   I am pleased to share it with you below.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I would suggest reflecting on the question, “Is there someone you would want to be expressing gratitude toward for their impact on my life?”  Whether or not they will be celebrating Thanksgiving with you, would this not be an opportune time?    If they are sharing the holiday with you, all the better.

Have You Said What You Need to Say?

Wishing you a Happy and Gratitude Filled Thanksgiving.

Walter Green

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